Top 10 Rivalries From The WWE Attitude Era


Some of the best times in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) came in the Attitude Era. What made the Attitude Era was the engaging story line and the amount of raw talent. These days hardly we find such story lines or talents. Those were the days when head shots by steel chairs were considered normal. In every week you could see the chair shots, ladders and tables. The Attitude Era in WWE happened between 1997-2002. During the Attitude Era the TV ratings were at an all time high and even the Pay Per Views were watched across the world. It was the Attitude Era that helped WWE scale new heights in India. A major chunk of the WWE fans are from the WWE Attitude Era. Sit back and enjoy as we take a trip down the memory lane as we make a count of Top 10 Rivalries from the WWE Attitude Era.

10. Rock vs Triple H

Rock vs Triple H

Rock and Triple H were one of the top superstars in the WWE during the Attitude Era. There were phases of Rock turning heel and face at the same time, and Triple H obviously the Heel. Triple H is one of the best heels WWE ever had. Children of small ages during those times used to hate Triple H.

He was that good and that intense. Th Rock and Triple H rivalry dates a long back and is considered one of the best rivalries ever. The Iron Man match between the two is considered to be the best match they have contested each other. The boss Vince McMahon was also a stable figure in their matches, and was part of many scripts.

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