Top 5 Number 10 Role Players in the English Premier League


A player in No: 10 role is like a maths wizard in the  pitch, sometimes boring like equations and in other times entertaining like geometry. Their playing pit is within the hole manifested by defensive  midfielders  and strikers.

Number 10 role is a dying breed in English football. Throughout the 20 year  history of English premier league one can hardly mention very few players who can be befitting for the Number 10 role. Zico, Maradona, Platini, Beckenbauer are the few among the comparatively large roster whom we can call as a perfect No: 10. Players in this  position also often referred to as the ‘Attacking Libero’. Now let us have a glance through the players who had done well in this role. You might see some names in which you tend to be skeptical about their No10 role, but here we are considering the players who did well whenever they embraced the role.

5. David Silva (Spain)

Top 5 Number 10 Role Players in the English Premier League

The induction of David Silva into this list might be a surprise for you all. He is lauded for his remarkable technical abilities, David Silva has registered a unique name in the book of EPL records. He played a vital role in, what is often described as an ‘Eternal’ glory from the perspective of Manchester City fans in winning two Premier League  titles in 3 years. One of his strong point is his versatility. His absence through injury is more visible in their gameplay than when they miss their star striker Sergio Aguero.